Boondockers Welcome: The Best Full Breakdown Review

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Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome is a budget friendly, sensible way to make recreational vehicle outdoor camping much more special.

It’s an on-line platform, similar to Airbnb, where you can locate hosts going to let you park your motor home on their property cost-free.

With numerous camping sites still closed, we’ve been craving an opportunity to get back out as well as submerse ourselves in the welcome of mother nature.

Boondockers Welcome Review

What we love Boondockers Welcome is it’s an excellent way to save money while traveling. Hosts get 50% off the subscription, as well as 3 months complimentary each time a visitor uses them.

In our Boondockers Welcome review, we’ll inform you all about our experiences with the system, offer you a glimpse of the neighborhood, and also inevitably– find out whether it’s worth investing your hard-earned cash.

Boondocking is where individuals park their camper (typically campers, or motor home) on public residential or commercial property to remain free of charge over night.

Prior to we discovered Boondockers Welcome, we always fussed regarding little details like just how we would certainly bill our generator, where we ‘d stay overnight, and also whether it ‘d be safe.

What Boondockers Welcome Has Done for us.

When our pal presented us to Boondockers Welcome, we were surprised at just how well it boosted our RVing experience.

As opposed to needing to bother with where to stay and whether we ‘d make it through the following number of nights, all we needed to do was:

Go on the Boondockers Welcome site, get in touch with a host along our traveling route.

Had we not known of Boondockers Welcome, we might have remained at a Walmart parking lot. Instead, we obtained the opportunity to remain free of charge at a ranch with an unbelievable sight of the lushest valleys we ‘d ever seen, courtesy of our wonderful host.

Thanks to the platform, not just were we able to soak in the lavish scenery, yet we likewise got the chance to interact with the outstanding folks that lived right along our path.

This is all thanks to the kindness as well as generosity of Boondockers Welcome’s accommodating hosts who have opened their doors to RVers almost everywhere.

Boondocker Welcome Review

What Is Boondockers Welcome?

Boondockers is a system that allows you find personal properties where you can park your RV absolutely free and get in touch with fellow RVers throughout the world.

At its core, Boondockers is a social system spruced up as an RV-parking service. Currently, whether that’s a negative thing is completely up to you. However we directly found it captivating.

Let us clarify.

When you’re out RVing, you can park anywhere you desire– the side of the road, an area near the freeway, or Walmart. Boondockers Welcome makes RVing a lot more special.

Every person we have actually spoken with regarding the Boondockers Welcome has actually had nothing but good ideas to say concerning it, as well as among one of the most prevalent reasons is as a result of just how excellent the community is.

A great deal of individuals you’ll fulfill on the solution get along, helpful, and extremely respectful.

If you’re the sort of person that simply needs a place to stay, then you’ll find one. If you’re the type of individual who requires an area to stay yet also values a little company, then you’ll discover that as well.

Boondockers Welcome Reviews

Boondockers Welcome has terrific reviews. Their internet site is filled to the brim with positive and also enthusiastic reviews regarding the platform.

Check out this video from one of my Favorite full-time couples. They do a great job breaking down the service!

Here are some fantastic ones from the web site’s endorsements page:

” what a wonderful system this is, especially for a person like me on the road alone for the very first time lugging a small trailer. The website was easy to use and aided me significantly in planning my journey and also my overnights. The hosts I contacted reacted promptly to my e-mails and also were all inviting and also kind. Everybody supplied handy guidance and also suggestions about what to go to on my journey. ”

“I registered this spring. It is now the first week of July. I am hosting my fourth members tonight and have actually another set up for tomorrow night. All of the boondockers that I have actually been amazing individuals. I feel that my life has actually been improved somehow by every one of them. Every one of them is welcomed back and would be welcomed with a smile on my face and also pleasure in my heart. I could not be more happy to be a part of Boondockers Welcome!” 

“I’m taking a trip eastern (NJ) to west (Nevada). If not for Boondockers Invite I would certainly be miserable in a Walmart car park throughout these eastern shore winter weather warnings. Instead I’m risk-free, and also dry, and also cozy attached to electrical at one of those generous hosts, thanks to your solution.”

The Amazing People of Boondockers Welcome

What we love about Boondockers Welcome, in addition to the price as well as functionality– is the community.

The entire point of Boondockers Welcome is to give RVers a way to get in touch with other RVers, so they can see not just the attractive ambience as well as landscapes of each location– however additionally the warmth of the locals that live there.

What is the cost of Boondockers Welcome?

Boondockers Welcome prices $50 each year. A tiny price to spend for the privileges that include it.

Below’s what the membership consists of:

Limitless stays with any kind of host, as long as they’re available.

Special client price cuts, which we’ll speak about below.

For simply $50, you get access to a thriving community of fellow RV fans and suiting hosts.

Added Expenses

Typically, you’ll just need to pay for the membership, which is billed yearly. After that, any kind of additional expenses are between the host and the guest only.

During our remain, our host was kind enough not to charge us a single dime. But we provided her a bottle of merlot anyhow as a token of our recognition.

Some hosts will bill a little charge to park on their residential or commercial property and also use their energies, but never anything unreasonable. Many hosts are glad just to suit you.

Pros And Cons Of Boondockers Welcome

While using Boondockers Welcome, we discovered some positives as well as downsides. Here’s what we have found.


Member advantages

Besides the fundamental advantages given to Boondockers Welcome participants, they also get to enjoy different benefits. Their Resources page has a long listing of companions that you can utilize to obtain the most out of your recreational vehicle.

2,500+ energetic host locations

In the United States alone, Boondockers Invite has 2,000+ hosts that you can contact as well as remain at completely free. There are hosts outside of the US too.

One of the most common reasons individuals have been using this service so loyally is due to the fact that the area is amazing. Though the service has actually grown rather huge, you can still be certain you’re getting a warm welcome.

While various other services like Harvest Hosts are great for overnight stays, you can’t anticipate to stay longer than a few days. On Boondockers Welcome, some hosts are generous adequate to allow you stay for a week if you want.

User friendly site

The web site’s style is basic and straight-to-the-point. It maintains the user in mind and also provides fantastic service without the demand for small print and also manipulative methods.

Boondocker Welcome Review


Choices can be restricted

Relying on your location, your alternatives can be limited. This might result from your rig or the host’s demands. Some hosts are (not surprisingly) really picky with who they want on their property.

As well as because the system is still growing, you might not even find a host for you in any way. Especially in position like Canada and also Australia where there’s only a small number of hosts. If you’re from the United States, however, you will not have to bother with this because there are hosts on almost every corner of the nation.

Not truly free

Boondockers Welcome’s marketing factor is that it allows you locate hosts that will certainly let you park your RV for free. 

This can confuse some individuals. To utilize Boondockers Welcome, you pay an up front cost of $50 ($ 25 for hosts) for a 1-year membership. After which, you can use the benefits as lot of times as you like.

Most hosts will let you stay free of cost. Guests are required to offer compensation for hosts if they use hookups, yet a lot of hosts end up turning the money down. 


Most hosts come from the US, with numbers in the thousands, yet you’ll find hosts in other countries as well.

Boondockers Welcome Canada

We wanted to go someplace in Canada like British Columbia or Alberta where the sights are absolutely incredible.

There are a couple of hundred hosts near Montreal as well as Toronto, which is super useful if you’re preparing to travel there.

Up north, however, there are significantly fewer hosts. The farthest up where you’ll discover any type of hosts is Yukon, as well as a few down the middle in Alberta.

How it Works

Boondockers is everything about generosity. It urges an atmosphere where RVers can have each other’s backs at a moment’s notice.

We show you just how to make use of Boondockers Welcome, right from joining to reserving your first keep.

Setting it Up

After signing up, you’ll notice some Suggestions on your Main Control panel.

One of them has to do with verifying your e-mail address. This is done to make certain you’re a genuine individual and also not simply some bot spamming the system.

To get rid of this Reminder, go to your e-mail inbox. You’ll see an email asking you to confirm your email address.

Updating Your Customer Account

Before you can actually begin doing anything, you’ll be asked to update your User Account. On the following page, you’ll be asked for your details.

You’ll additionally be asked to the following:

  • Your age range.
  • A short title explaining you.
  • Summary of yourself.
  • Do you have pets?
  • Home town.
  • Abilities or knowledge to share.
  • Favorite boondocking areas.

Unlike your personal information, these details will be presented publicly on your account. You can expose as much or as little info as you like, entirely up to you.

We advise placing in simply enough info to develop trust fund with fellow members and disclose sufficient of your personality to make various other members interested in linking. This is a social system, after all!

Boondockers Welcome Sign In

On the sign-in web page, you can opt to log in with either your username or e-mail. You can likewise login with your Facebook account.

The mobile version has all the functions readily available on desktop, including host browsing, immediate messaging, etc.

This implies you can manage your account whenever and anywhere you like.

Reserving A Stay

Now that you have your account, you are prepared to book a stay!

The first thing you have to do is look for a host along your traveling path. You can begin looking from the search widget on the homepage.

Utilizing the search widget, you can check out the hosts within a certain location. You can fine-tune your search results by editing the following filters:.\

  • Location
  • Range to search
  • Arrival date
  • Rig size

Using these filters, you can narrow your search down to only hosts that fit your requirements.

We discovered that it takes approximately 24 hr for hosts to react, so it’s good to call them in advance.

As soon as you get in touch, you can make use of the Boondockers Welcome messaging service or communicate over email or text if the host provides you their contact details.

Is Boondockers Welcome Worth It?

Simple answer, 100 times YES!!

If $50 for unrestricted stays at the most beautiful areas and among the friendliest hosts isn’t worth it for you, then we do not recognize what is.

The $50 is an exceptionally small rate to spend for the advantages you can get as a participant.

But what we discovered during our Boondockers Welcome testimonial is that the worth of this solution isn’t in the cost financial savings. It is the amazing memories.

Without Boondockers Welcome, we constantly needed to stress over where we would stay overnight.

Now all we need to do is book and appreciate a convenient , beautiful stay.

Highlight? All the fantastic people we’ve meet. The community is filled with passionate, RV-loving folks.

Click here for tips on saving money while RV’ing!

Boondockers Welcome FAQs.

What Is Boondocking?

Boondocking is basically parking wherever you can for free, most of the time this is only for the night.

What Does “Boondocker” Mean?

A boondocker is any individual who goes out in the wilderness to appreciate nature in its rawest type. More specifically, boondockers are people that camp in their Recreational vehicles absolutely free outside marked camping areas, typically on the side of the freeway. This is called boondocking.

Is Boondocking Illegal?

Nope. If you’re boondocking on public land, it’s totally legal.

Boondockers Welcome Vs Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts as well as Boondockers Welcome are unbelievably similar systems. We’re members of both as well as have been delighted with both services.

The primary distinction between Boondockers and Harvest Hosts is that Harvest Hosts is excellent for much shorter stays, while Boondockers Welcome is excellent for longer stays.

If it isn’t any difficulty, we think you should use both. Usage Harvest Holds to stay at wonderful locations and also soak in the scenery, and also Boondockers Invite to calm down with the locals.

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