Thinking of Living the RV Life? What You Need to Know!

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Over the last few years, recreational vehicle sales have actually increased as an increasing number of Americans determine to live nomadically while traveling the country. We decided to dig into the way of life by speaking with  individuals or couples experiencing it themselves. Below’s what you need to know.

Why do people generally choose a RV over other approaches of lasting travel?
There are numerous methods to experience lasting traveling in the US. Individuals have actually resided in their cars, entered into #vanlife, or have also made it through by relocating from rental to rental. Why did those we spoke with make a decision to join the RV life?

In a nutshell, the solution was area.


Spouses Require Room to Do Their Own Things

Whether it’s space to function creatively or to have simultaneous job meetings, having simply one area doesn’t benefit numerous pairs.
Friends as well as family can go to:
Several RVers went into the way of life wanted family and friends to be able to go to and travel with them. Having a larger area like a RV implied they could do so.

Keep Your Favorite Items!

Those we talked to wished to take  trips even more however didn’t wish to surrender the ease of a kitchen, living area, and bedroom. For some, switching to something smaller sized than a motor home, like a van, would have been way too much of a jump. For the amount of time they plan on traveling, it made sense to get a larger room they would fit in.

An Place to Call Home

 Among the greatest reasons for RV life is to come back to what seems like home, rather than simply a suitcase or a van.

Where do you sleep?

There are many locations you can park your RV at night. These are the most typical.


Making use of camping sites that provide connections is the traditional RV technique.


Boondocking describes camping on a piece of land that’s not linked to anything. It’s a lot more budget friendly than staying at a campground yet does require some financial investment up front. Being self-sufficient in a RV is often include solar panels, added batteries, extra water tanks, and extra fuel storage tanks. Boondocking is infinitely simpler to do out West. Use services like Boondockers Welcome, Harvest Hosts, and Escapees/Xscapers to save hundreds even thousands on your lodging cost!


Moochdocking is where you set up camp on a buddies or family’s driveway.

What type of RV should you buy?
While selecting your RV is an extremely personal choice, there are a few things everybody need to think about.

Power to go Uphill
One of the people we interviewed chose to have a class-C motor home that had problem with this job. They started to feel limited on where they could take a trip– the opposite of their intention in getting a RV.

Safety and Security

One solo RVer said she loved having a drivable recreational vehicle for the safety element. When she parked someplace for the night, she had the ability to just get into the back to head to bed. 

5th wheels are going to be easier to tow than traveling trailers as they are much less challenging to support and typically shift less in the wind. Bear in mind size corresponds with trouble of driving.

Age of the RV

A newer rig will likely require much less improvements. Nevertheless, older motor home electronic devices can be less complicated to keep for those without a lot of RV understanding. More recent rig are normally extra difficult, frequently requiring you to head to the dealer when something breaks.
Exactly how do you fund your recreational vehicle?

Essentially, there are two choices.

Purchase it outright

It’s very comparable to car buying, and financing makes getting into the way of life a realistic achievement for those without excessive in financial savings.

How Much Does The RV Life Cost?

The cost of RV life will depend heavily on how, where, as well as when you like to travel.

If you want tips on how to save money while living the RV life click here!

Daily Cost

Daily price of living for products like food, camping sites, and gas will vary relying on the area you’re in. If you’re seeking out huge destination locations (as many vacationers like to do), you’ll be investing more cash than elsewhere.

Speed of Travel

Regardless of where you park your rig, pumping the breaks can help you conserve money. Sometimes, camping sites will offer discount rates for once a week or monthly, compared to every night rates. You’ll additionally invest less on gas by traveling much less.

RV Life Can Work for Every Budget

As a whole, however, you can spend as much or as low as you desire. Some enter into RV life to conserve cash. Others find themselves spending the same when compared to their previous life. Others discover themselves spending extra. You can make RV life work for whatever type of spending plan you fit with.

Safety and Security
Every person has various degrees at which they feel comfy, so not every one of these things will appear vital to every reader. But these are all safety measures taken by at some RVers. Take a look and see what speaks to you.

Wasp Spray
Wasp spray can be a personal defense item. With a comparable usage as pepper spray, this type of spray does not dissipate into the air as easily.

A few of the RVers we talked with are firearm owners. Depending upon the sort of RV and the state you’re in, your house may be considered an abode instead of a car. This makes it easy to travel with a tool of this kind across several state lines (however not all).

Emergency Aid Kit
Do your best to be planned for small clinical emergencies by buying the traditional emergency first aid kit.

Home Security Camera
See who (or what) is outside your vehicle without needing to open the door. You can likewise use a protection camera inside to keep an eye on your valuables or animals while you’re away!

Motion Lights
Just like many residences have, motion-sensing lights can be placed on the outside of your rig.

Alarm System
You can have the very same alarm systems installed for your RV as you would your home. Get signals to your phone if there’s dubious activity.

Fire Extinguishers
Yes, fire extinguishers plural. Keep one in all areas in which your course to the leave might be obstructed. Do not neglect to learn just how to make use of one before you require it.

What to Check 

Make sure to consistently keep an eye on tire stress, check fluids, evaluate the seals on your windows, inspect your brake and also turn signal lights, as well as keep an eye out for leaks or splits that are developing.

Tools to Keep on Hand

You might want to take into consideration keeping the following tools with you: a general tool box, tire pressure scale, air compressor, and also all tools essential to change a tire.

Best Parts of RV Life?

Seeing family and friends!

Residing in a motor home makes it much easier to see friends and family. As one couple put it, they’re now able to see with family members they would typically just see at wedding events as well as funerals.

Spending more time in dream destinations!

When you function a typical 9-5 with limited PTO, your trips are also restricted. Over the course of a year, you may go to a few destinations for a week at once. Due to the fact that it’s a way of living as opposed to a trip, living in a RV permits you to remain in these areas for longer stretches. It additionally allows you to see so many more locations than you can with just a couple of weeks off a year.

What are some tough facets to surviving the road?

The very first few months of shift during which you’re discovering the essentials can be difficult. Below are a few locations in which those we talked to had a hard time.

What to do prior to hitting the road?

Financial preparation 

Make sure you’re entering this way of life responsibly. Ideally, you need to start with as little financial obligation as feasible. When you’re traveling the nation, you do not intend to be stressing about charge card payments. It’ll only diminish the experience.


When you have such a tiny room to deal with, storage is vital. If you do it right, you will not feel like your space is tiny because you’ll have the ability to fit so much. Plan for success right at the start by buying storage options that not just enable you to fit every little thing you need, yet additionally make those things easily obtainable.

Dive in

For sentimental or irreplaceable items, many RVers utilize storage, whether it be storage at their family members’ homes or in a storage system.

What should you do if you’re on the fence of recreational vehicle life?

Rent one!

Before you head to a dealership  to buy your residence on wheels, think about renting a RV. This will certainly give you a taste of the way of life prior to you diving in with a purchase.

Take into consideration the worst-case circumstance.

Lastly, ask on yourself what the worst scenario is. Genuinely, it’s that you don’t like staying in a motor home, you sell it, and you move back right into your home. Doesn’t seem to bad, does it? As a matter of fact, it sounds precisely like what you were doing before.

Finally, some parting words of advice!

If this lifestyle was very easy, everybody would certainly do it. That means there will certainly be obstacles. If you believe it’ll make you pleased despite those difficulties, do it.
It is necessary you remember why you’re entering into this lifestyle. The highs are mosting likely to be real high, yet the lows are mosting likely to be real low. Remember your why throughout all of it.
Society doesn’t set you up to reside in a motor home full time, so things will never really feel exactly right. As a result of this, you’ll never ever feel flawlessly prepared. You just need to make the jump.

If I missed anything feel free to comment what I missed below!

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