23 Of The Best RV Gadgets and Tools You Actually Need

Brand New to RV’ing and Don’t Know What to Bring?

You finally did it! After hours of research to find the perfect RV for your family, you now have the keys. So what now?

Now if you are like us when we first got our RV, we searched the web for the best tools and gadgets to fill it with. We wanted to know what was going to make our life the easiest. However, all we could find were generic tools that and blog posts that seen to have been written by robots.

For that reason I made a list of gadgets/accessories that are worth every penny plus more. These are products that we use year round as full-time RVers!

If you are on a budget don’t worry I have a budget friendly option for most of these products. I only recommend products that we have used and I won’t fill you with any BS.

We will be going over accessories for every part of RV’ing.

  • Leveling
  • Safety
  • Towing
  • Campground essentials

The Best RV Gadgets and Tools You Actually Need

Disclaimer: I might be able to buy a cup of coffee if you purchase anything below.


Nobody likes walking sideways while trying to enjoy your vacation. So let’s be sure to get your RV level!

LevelMate Pro

This saves us so much time while setting up our camper. You simply mount this inside your RV and use the app to determine if you are level!

Leveling Blocks

This is the easiest way to level your RV. You put these in front of whatever tire you need to raise. Pair the LevelMate Pro with a set of these and leveling struggles will be no more than a memory.

RV Safety and Towing

Here are some tools to keep you and your RV safe!

Surge Protector

A Surge Protector is an absolute must and can save you thousands. Most campgrounds are great however the electrical connection can sometimes be untrustworthy. This will protect everything inside your camper from any power surges and prevent costly repair bills.

Water Pressure Regulator

Along with iffy electrical connections, water hook-ups are also not to be trusted. The last thing you want is to must pressure to run through your water lines and cause a leak. We set our regulator to about 45 lbs.

OX Blox

Keeping your tongue jack from moving is crucial that’s why we use this. It is made of a composite material and can hold up to 10,000 lbs. The best part? No mater if you have a wheel, flat stand, or just the pole it will be secure in this block!

Towing Hitches

There are so many options out there for a hitch. Here is the Weight Distribution hitch that we use and it has done phenomenal.

We pair this with the Furrion Vision S camera system to make towing stress free.

The best part about this is most new campers are pre-wired for this system!

Finally, Campground Essentials!


A good quality vent fan is a life saver. The first thing we did was replace our vent fan in our bathroom and it was a night and day difference. From drying our towels faster to providing a wonderful cross breeze, you will wonder why these don’t come standard.

To go with this we recommend the vent cover that they offer. This will allow you to still be able to use your vents while it’s raining. Don’t worry they are a piece of cake to instal.


Whether you’re boon-docking or at a RV Park it is a good idea to have a generator handy. It’s more obvious why you need one for boon-docking, but why would you need one at a park? As I said earlier some power connections can be iffy so having a backup to me is a must.

General Essentials

These are the small tools that we use on every trip to aid our comfort.

Water Filter

I do not know about you however, we don’t like to put our trust in campground water. That’s why we use a water filter. We upgraded to this style as it allows for more filtration compared to the smaller ones.

Waste Water Treatment

We love these as they are just so simple to use. Simply flush one or two down the toilet and it will keep all the smelly smells away!

50 AMP to 30 AMP Adapter

If your rig takes 30 AMP power then it would be a good idea to have one of these packed. I don’t want you to get to a campground that only has a 50 AMP hook-up and not be able to have power!

Power Cord Extension

Slide Jacks

We use these to stabilize our slide-outs. These also help to alleviate some of the stress on the slide components for when we are parked for a while.

Magnets for Storage Doors

These have replaced the annoying clip style door catches for our storage bays. They mount to the door and the exterior of your RV to hold to door open.

Trailer Lock

If you plan on leaving your camper I highly suggest locking the lounge with a high quality lock.

Propane Tank Monitoring Systems

I hate having to guess how much propane I have left so I found the perfect solution. These mount to your tanks and use ultrasonic waves to measure the fill level!

Here is a more affordable option that works great.

Propane Fire Pit

This is perfect for those chilly nights, you can hook it up straight to your existing propane tanks.

As you are sitting around the fire you need a comfy set of chairs.

These are the most comfortable camp chairs I have ever seen, you don’t want to get out of them!

Furnace and Water Heater Bug Covers

As you know, bugs love warm areas. This leads to them finding their way into your furnace and water heater areas. These covers keep you protected from any bug damage!

TV Mount

This mount system allows you to move your tv with ease. The mount comes with two bases that you can slide the mount into. That means you can move it whoever you want! I have a base mounted in the living room and outside so we can easily enjoy a movie outdoors.

I hope you were able to get some ideas from this list of the best RV gadgets and tools you actually need to better prepare you for your next trip!

I’m sure I forgot some things so if you have any camping must-haves comment them below!